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Caitlin Todd
17 May
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Caitlin 'Kate' Todd was a former Secret Service Special Agent. She was hand picked to protect the President. She broke the rules by dating a co-worker, and chose to resign, before she was fired. NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs made a fast move and hired Caitlin right after she resigned.

Not much is known about Kate's family, but she has said that she has three brothers, whom she mentions are "practically insane". She also had one sister, who lived in Miami, who she felt closer to despite the distance.

Kate was also Roman Catholic and in many ways a bit prudish, due to her strict upbringing. That said, she was the winner of a wet t-shirt contest in 1994, which Tony found hilarious and tormented her with. Her and Tony had quite the relationship, very much like a bickering brother and sister. Though, they certainly had an undercurrent of sexual tension between the two.

She was/is an incredibly talented scetch artist, and very good at reading people. This was especially helpful, considering her position was that of a profiler.

Currently, Caitlin is six feet under. Or... so her friends all think. Due to the situation with Ari, and the knowledge that her life wasn't safe whilst he was free to find her, she was forced to fake her own death, and go into hiding. Whilst it was the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her life, she fully expects that returning to the lives of her friends, returning from the dead, will be far harder.

Spending the last few years of her life living under protection, she is finally free. Ari is gone, as are his operatives. Her world is a safe place to enter back into. But will she be welcomed back to NCIS with open arms?

My roleplay contact info is here at THIS POST. The mun ships Caitlin and Tony. Just so y'all know. Mun also is a newbie to the NCIS fandom, but a seasoned rp-er, so if you have any comments/criticism regarding my portrayal of Caitlin, it's all welcomed. Like to be sure I'm doing characters justice.